Vasco da Gama has been welcoming Portuguese Immigrants for decades. It has been a place where a community can gather and share a common language and culture.  Today, Vasco da Gama is not only a staple for Portuguese Immigrants but for their Children. A tradition we hope and wish to continue and support. To ensure that this tradition continues the members of Vasco da Gama Portuguese Club voted to transform this organization from a social club to an organization supporting the Portuguese Cultural. As of 2008 Vasco da Gama is now known as Vasco da Gama Portuguese Cultural Civic Center. Recognized by the United States Government as a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization. This status will help us obtain one of our largest goals of purchasing land and building a new center to support the various needs of our members. The center will include the Portuguese School facilities, a soccer field, sports complex, library/media center, restaurants and many other activities that support the Portuguese cultural and heritage.  However, this is not the only changes occurring. We have new membership plans,  more member benefits and were completing very small remodeling project in the current location. The remodel will provide dining areas and allow members to enjoy lunch, dinner, espresso, cappuccino or cocktail.

Please support Vasco da Gama and become a member today. This section of our site contains information on our membership plans and benefits

Traditionally, members of Vasco da Gama Cultural & Civic Center have access to sports bar, discounts on hall rentals, education for their children and low priced beverages. The following is a summary of the current benefits.
  • Rental of events hall – with a full kitchen setup and dance floor the hall can be utilized for weddings or many other personal events.
  • Sports bar – Central area for members to socialize and enjoy a great Portuguese style lunch or dinner or watch soccer games directly from Portugal. Members also enjoy very low beverage prices.
  • Library – all members can utilize the library which host several computer systems with internet access.
  • Education—members have an opportunity to enable their children learn the Portuguese language
  • Wireless access – members can enjoy free internet access from anywhere within the facility
If you would like to receive more information on becoming a member please send an email to
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